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BTECH MPR-AF1 AM FM Personal Radio with Two Types of Stereo Headphones, Clock, Great Reception and Long Battery Life, Mini Pocket Walkman Radio with Headphones (Blue)

BTECH MPR-AF1 AM FM Personal Radio with Two Types of Stereo Headphones, Clock, Great Reception and Long Battery Life, Mini Pocket Walkman Radio with Headphones (Blue)

Price: $33.89 - $25.89

Are you looking for an easy to operate portable radio? A radio that is easy to tune to your favorite station, with great reception and a long-lasting battery?

The MPR-AF1 is a simplistic designed portable radio for use while on the go. Listen to your favorite AM or FM radio station while exercising, camping, or just wanting to go out without having to take an expensive device.

The MPR-AF1 is an ideal portable radio that allows you to listen to your favorite local AM/FM radio without draining the battery on your phone, while having a long battery itself. Unlike many portable radios, the MPR-AF1 has storage to easily adjust between your favorite presets (up to 58 channels).

The MPR-AF1 has an extreme battery life (up to 1 week of average use), great reception, and fits easily into your pocket. Our kit includes two different styles of 3.5mm stereo headphones that allow you to pick the style most comfortable for you.

The choice is clear for choosing the BTECH MPR-AF1; compared to other pocket radios – the MPR-AF1 has crisp stereo audio output through the 3.5mm audio jack. The MPR-AF1 has more features than our competitors, terrific reception, perks like a built in clock, and a long battery life; and BTECH is proud to be a US-Based business specializing in radios (US warranty and support is rare to be found).

FM: 87.5-108 MHz (digital steps)
AM: 520-1710 kHz (digital steps)
Size: 3.25*1.85*0.4 inches
Net Weight: 1.5 ounces (less than one tenth of a pound)
Power Supply: Rechargeable slim built in battery

Each Kit Includes:
MPR-AF1 Radio
2 Different Headphones
USB Charging Cable
Easy-to-read Manual (written in the US)The MPR-AF1 is a pocket portable radio with headphones. It includes a long-life rechargeable battery, that does not require you to inconveniently replace batteries while out on the go. The MPR-AF1 is your personal radio it is a great for receiving your local sports radio, NPR, and your favorite music.
The MPR-AF1 has an internal ferrite bar antenna that in-itself has extreme sensitivity, but our engineers went a step beyond the internal ferrite antenna, intelligently designing the headphone jack to also act as an external antenna jack as well. This allows your headphones to be used as a long external antenna (while still providing crisp stereo audio). A true feat of engineering.
More than just a mini am fm radio walkman, the MPR-AF1 includes a built-in clock, and includes features such as storing your favorite channel presets or allowing you to lock the keypad (to ensure your channel is locked in, while you are out moving on the go).
The MPR-AF1 includes two different styles of headphones, allowing you to pick the most comfortable way to use your pocket radio. The convenient LCD display shows the exact am or fm stereo station that you are listening to. This allows you to easily see and tune to your favorite radio station.
BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows you to have the best available local support for any issue that may arise. We only engineer and develop radio products. That focus allows you to have the best available radio, with the most features, at the best price.