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Best Voice Activated Recorder Device for Clear Audio Recording in Meetings & Lectures, Digital Pocket Dictaphone Mini mp3 Player, Ultra Sensitive Microphone, Headphones, USB Cable, dB9PRO

Best Voice Activated Recorder Device for Clear Audio Recording in Meetings & Lectures, Digital Pocket Dictaphone Mini mp3 Player, Ultra Sensitive Microphone, Headphones, USB Cable, dB9PRO

Price: $69.99 - $36.99


Ideas are Like Water- Don’t Let Them Slip Through Your Fingers…

Ever noticed how fast you can forget information? It’s almost crazy how fast ideas, memories and experiences can leave our brains without a moments notice. Even simple things like where you put your keys, or what you wanted to get at the grocery store, or the great win you had earlier in the day. Information is as slippery as water, and if it isn’t recorded quickly, it can slip through our fingers.

We like to think of our dB9PRO Voice Recorder acting like Dumbledore’s famous pensieve to quickly store important facts and experiences. So next time you need to remember the five things your wife told you to get done by noon, you will have a little friendly help to remind you of what she said.

Important Features of our dB9PRO Digital Voice Recorder

1. Up to 560 Hrs of Recording Storage Space (Before Needing to Transfer it to Your Computer)

2. 8 GB Storage Capacity (Get an Additional 32 GB in Storage Space with a TF Micro SD card) which expands your storage to 2240 hours of audio (at low quality setting)

3. Rechargeable Battery (150 Hours of Recording Capability per Battery Charge)

4. Compatible with Mac and PC Computers

5. Voice Operated Recording Feature

6. Headphones Included

7. Charging USB Cable Included

8. Complimentary e-Book with Game Ideas, Tips, & Tutorials

9. Built-In Speaker

10. Dual Built-In High Sensitivity Microphones

11. A-B Repeating Feature

12. Use as a Music Player for MP3 Files

13. Recording Monitor to Check the Quality of the Recording

14. User-Friendly Interface

15. Auto Record Function

16. Password Protection Feature

17. Noise Reduction Feature

18. High Quality LCD Screen

19. Portable Enough to Fit In Your Pocket

20. Records Sounds up to 40 ft away

✅ NEVER MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT AGAIN! Ever taken a test and wondered when your teacher ever talked about those questions in class? Or how about being at an important business meeting and realizing after that you completely missed the assignments your boss gave you to work on? In your defense, he was probably talking at 200 wpm! We are so happy to introduce you to a better way to record important ideas, notes, and information. Let our dB9PRO recording device do all the heavy lifting!
💯 THE BEST WAY TO TAKE NOTES… Did you know that you are probably only capturing about 20-30% of what you hear through a traditional note taking system? Not to mention, you are missing the full sensory experience to capture exactly what is being taught, and then be able to recall the information easily. With our ultra-clear dB9PRO Recording Pocket Device, you never have to miss a thing! Get more productivity out of your learning with the best way to take audio dictaphone notes!
🎁 AMAZING GIFT IDEA! Our premium dB9PRO sound recording device makes an amazing gift for students, journalists, musicians, poets, lawyers, business professionals, and even doting husbands that tend to miss a lot of what their wives tell them. Our voice activated recorders have 8 GB for upto 560 hours of recording (expandable upto 2,240 hrs with a 32GB TF card)! Then, simply upload it to your Mac or PC with the included USB cable. Now you can record all of your great ideas anytime- anywhere!
🐚 RECORD CLEAR SOUND FROM 40 FT AWAY! Are you interested in recording the magical sounds of your baby’s first words, the music of birds singing in the morning, or the thrilling tales of a WWII war hero being interviewed? Now you can capture those important sounds with crisp, clear audio recordings to treasure for a lifetime. Enjoy HD sound quality and our noise reduction feature to only keep the sounds you want!
❤️ ENJOY OUR “BETTER SOUND RECORDING” GUARANTEE- Taking care of our customers is our highest priority. With over 40,000 happy customers, our mission has always been to provide superior audio products, top-notch customer support, helpful e-Books, and amazing results! If you are not 100% happy with our dB9PRO digital voice pocket recorder, we will provide you with a full refund. You can click the yellow “Add to Cart Button” today with complete confidence in our company!